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InstallShield Express 2011 Quit Working

I have been using InstallShield Express 2011 for 3 months without incident. However, after an automatic update, it no longer works. When I try to open any existing ISE file, I receive an error message: "InstallShield cannot open ..., Please contact Flexera Software technical support for more information.". Even worse, my VS2008 will no longer run. I now receive an error "Cannot find one or more components. Please reinstall the application.". InstallShieldExpress is one of the application tools in my VS2008. I have sent an email to Flexera Tech Support but no response. I have uninstalled and reinstalled InstallSheild with no change. Any ideas would be emensly appreciated.
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What automatic update did you install? It must be something with the machine. Run 'Msconfig' from the Start-Run and restore the machine to previous restore point, when everything was working.

I hope this helps.

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I restored my workstation to a date before the update with no change.

InstallShield will still not open any existing ISE files, InstallShield will not allow me to create any new ISE files, and VS2008 will not run because it is missing one or more components.

The suspect install was an InstallShield 2011 Hot Fix from October if I remember correctly. it was downloaded and installed via the Flexera Software Manager.

Interestingly, the Flexera Software Manager still shows that I need to download and install the "InstallShield 2011 Hotfix A" dated 2010-10-07.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I am really dead in the water here.
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