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InstallShield - Dynamically Modifying XML Tomcat Configuration Files


Our company is now upgrading our product to work with Tomcat 9 rather than Tomcat 7. As a result, there are a number of XML configuration files such as 'server.xml', 'web.xml', 'context.xml' etc. that need to be edited.


We allow our customers to have various configurations which is why there is not one, known template that can be imported and modified (as far as I can know) using InstallShield's 'XML File Changes' functionality.


The changes include replacing, adding and removing content, and a lot of it, which is why using InstallScript's built-in functions such as FileGrep, FileInsertLine, StrReplace, StrSub and more don't seem appropriate as well.


Any help & suggestions would be gladly appreciated.

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