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InstallShield Conversion from WIX MSI: Error 5014

I have imported an existing MSI (built using WIX) into installshield using the "open as wizard."
I have saved the ISM as a text file.

When I attempt to build the project I get error 5014.
I have tried all the proposed work arounds to no avail. I have deleted the shortcuts (attempt to work around), saved the project and restarted IS.
This didn't help.

Any idea which icon.ico cannot be built as the setup is not using shortcuts?
Does anyone know what InstallShield is objecting to here?

Running in Windows 10 build 1607. InstallShield 2016 Professional
Trying to validate the using InstallShield 2016 Pro. is going to be practical to use during our conversions from WIX.
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Re: InstallShield Conversion from WIX MSI: Error 5014

If it were me I'd probably open the project file in InstallShield and go to the Direct Editor at the very end of the list in the left hand pane. Once there I'd go to the Shortcut table and just see if there were any entries there. If so, deleting those entries, if appropriate for you, might do the trick.

I've mostly converted from InstallShield to WiX so I had not encountered that before.

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