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Flexera beginner

InstallShield Activation Error

This is now beyond a joke. I have been trying to get my product to reactivate for nearly a week and all I get for the support is the same canned answer, try it now it should automatically reactivate

I have asked for a remote desktop session with them so this issue can be resolved but I have not had a response. I am starting top wonder if this this is a con by flexera to try and get people to upgrade

If this was the first time it happened it wouldn't be so bad but exactly the same thing happened two years ago and it took weeks to resolve, the only way the support team for installlshield was able to resolve the issue was to remote desktop onto the machine reinstall the installlshield and put in a new product code. After that I though that this was a one off but again two years later exactly like before installshield decides to deactivate itself

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