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InstallShield - 4 node release

I have a product that uses a 4 node release number. The problem I'm running into is that on the upgrade when I want to increment only the fourth node (eg. to, Install Shield isn't recognizing that this is an upgrade. When you look in Add/Remove Programs after the upgrade, both the old and new instances of the product are listed. Can someone help me resolve this?
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This is not an InstallShield limitation but is a Windows Installer limitation.

Windows Installer only uses the first 3 parts of the version in upgrade scenarios, so make sure to increment your version such that one of the first 3 parts is higher than any previously shipped version. For example, if your version 1 uses Version value, then version 2 should have a Version value of or higher ( will not work here).

This has been the case for a LONG time now. Ever since Windows Installer existed I do not know of any intentions to change things at this time.

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