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InstallShield 2013 creates faulty single exectable installer

Hi All,

I'm using InstallShield 2013 Premier edition to create my installer.
In my installer I've added SQL Server 2012 32-bit/64-bit installer and few more installer in support files section. Please see below image for more detail.

Now, when I generate the DVD installer, it generates the correct DVD installer. But when I create the single executable installer, it creates faulty installer. Below image shows the error when I try to run the single executable installer.

My other team member is actually getting different error.

NOTE: Interesting part is, if I will remove one or two files (approximate 500 MB) from support files section. InstallShield creates correct DVD image and Single executable installer. It looks like a bug in Install Shield when it tries to create single executable installer which is approximately greater than 2.5 GB.

Do you have any suggestion or patch how to package the shown content in single executable installer?

Thank you,
Ajit Surana
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I seem to recall that there is an issue signing single files larger than 2GB. If you have digital signing enabled, try to see if it is possible to build without signing enabled.
It works for your DVD because the EXE is not > 2GB.

My memory of this issue could be faulty however.
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

Here are a few limitations with regards to sizes for MSI project types:
- MSI files cannot exceed 2GB (Support Files are stored in the MSI)
- CAB files cannot exceed 2GB and at a maximum file count of 65535 files (files that are installed are built into CABs stored in the MSI)
- EXE files cannot exceed 4GB

Please note that these are limitations we do not have any control over. We would recommend splitting the installer in some way to ensure these limits are not hit (for Support Files in a DVD release, you may consider moving the files to Disk1 support files instead which will only be limited by the DVD media size used).
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