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Re: InstallShield 2012 Limited Edition

Hi Chiranjeevi,

So I was going to try your suggestion in the "Files" section under "2) Specify Application Data," but the localized resources are not making it there yet. So I had to go back up to "Project Assistant" and right-click the Localized resources entity from that screen. I set the "Scan at Build" property to "None," but I still receive the error when I build the project. I also tried setting the Primary output to "None," but got the same error results.

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Flexera chiranjeevi

Re: InstallShield 2012 Limited Edition


What types of projects are included in your solution? If you look at your .sln in a text editor, is the project whose output isn't resolving after a "less usual" project type? ("Less usual" is a little nebulous of a term, but suffice it to say that C# and VB and C++ projects are definitely "usual"; types from other plugins are probably "unusual"...)

You may be able to work around this behavior by closing the solution, saving a backup, and then reordering the projects in your solution file (alternately removing and readding projects from within VS). If so, and it fails for example only when it's after a certain type of project.

Hope this helps,

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