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InstallScript MSI, Setup Prerequisite, Maintenance question

I am modifying an existing InstallScript MSI installer that has a .Net prerequisite. When you run a fresh install, it extracts the .MSI file from the setup.exe to a temp folder. The temp folder (and MSi file), goes away when the install is completed.

After installation, when you select to Modify the install (add or remove features), using “Programs and Features”, it looks for a .MSI file….which does not exist.

The release wizard, Setup Launcher dialog, at the top, says "Setup.exe is required for InstallScript MSI projects", so I cannot eliminate the setup.exe.

When you execute a setup.exe, while the MSI file exists in the temp folder, you can copy the msi somewhere. When you run Modify off of Programs and Features, when you get the “network resource is unavailable” message, you can point to the copied MSI file, and the Modify does then work.

Is there any other way of doing this?
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Flexera Alumni

Would the Setup.exe setting "Cache MSI Locally" (plus the "Cache Path" setting) apply to this case? It's meant to address the MSI database running from a temp location that won't be around during future maintenance options.

(As an aside, in some cases an InstallScript MSI project now no longer requires Setup.exe. The help topic "Using the InstallScript Engine as an External vs. Embedded UI Handler for InstallScript MSI Installations" has more information.)

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Level 6

Thanks. I had not done much with setup.exe before, and I was looking for things in the Wizard dialogs.
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