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InstallScript MSI Project - fails updating the files in Application Data\Files and Folders during upgrade process

To fix minor bugs in my application, I need to update the version of the DLL files under the Application Data\Files and Folders section, which these DLL files are generated from the build of a C# solution.

To deliver the newer build version of DLL files, I determine to use minor upgrade, which I need to update the product version value, and the package code (package code is automatically updated every time I build  executable installer).

I have the earlier version of the application installed in my machine, then I run the new installer, which it prompts to ask whether I want to upgrade. I click yes to perform the upgrade, but the DLL files are not updated. For example, if the date modification for the DLL file is 01/01/2019, the date modification remains the same after upgrade process.

Furthermore, after upgrading the application with the new installer, the files under Application Data\Files and Folders section are not removed neither upon uninstallation. However, if I do not perform upgrade, the uninstallation removes all the files.

What I have tried, but not working:

  1. Update the property of the files in Application Data\Files and Folders section, enabling the "Always Override" for all the DLL files.
  2. Calling FeatureReinstall() or ComponentReinstall() in OnMaintUIBefore(). Furthermore, I created a new InstallScript MSI project which clones most of the existing one. The installer from the new project does not have the files upgradi/removed issue, and it has no InstallScript logic implement. Therefore, the issue is not caused by InstallScript in the existing project.
  3. Removing a file under Application Data\Files and Folders (NLog.dll), and add it back afterward. This approach creates a new issue, which the NLog.dll is not removed, even if I did not upgrade with the new installer.

Any helps or suggestion will be appreciated.


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