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InstallScript LaunchAppAndWait uninstall separate program

I am installing a specified instance of SQL Express as a prerequisite to my Basic MSI project. I intend to remove only that specific instance when the product is uninstalled. I have successfully created the command-line to do so, and have verified it works outside my uninstall. I first tried using a Custom Action to call the SQL Express uninstall directly, but when that failed a google search came up with the idea to do it in InstallScript instead, so I wrote an InstallScript to call it, and set the Custom Action calling it to run "After InstallFinalize" so it wouldn't give the error that another installer is already running. When I run the uninstall, the SQL Express uninstall window appears, and appears to be working for a while, and then closes with a Return 0, but then I look at the instances and my instance is still there. I was able to find in the logs that SQL Express is still giving the error that another installer is already running. I also have included the /SkipInstallerRunCheck parameter which resolved this issue on install, but the logs contain all other parameters but not that one, so I suspect the uninstall may ignore it?

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