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Install question - silent mode

I have a installscript project and it would create one installer package.
I succeed to use this installer package to install on Vista x86 in normal
mode.(UAC on) (install package first and then plug-in device, it will
auto-load driver successfully, it doesn't show "Found New Hardware" Dialog)

I try to install on Vista x86 in silent mode, so i run in record mode first.
When i run in record mode, it will succeed to install, it creates setup.iss.
and then I put this file:setup.iss into my installscript project in "Support
Files"->"Advanced Files"->"Disk 1" and modify "Releases"->"Setup.exe"->
"Setup Command Line" to "/s" to create silent-mode package.(My driver
files are put in "Support Files"->"Language Independent")

But when i install this package, and then plug-in device, it would shows
"Found New Hardware". If i unplug and plug-in again, it will succeed to
auto-load driver.

I found this silent package can run successfully when UAC off.

Any suggestions?(This method works successfully in WinXP.)
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In the Property Manager Can you please this property Name like this :"LIMITUI"

Value of the proprety is "1".

I think this will help your application silent installation.

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