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Level 6

Inserting a new Dialog

For years I have told people to use basic MSI or in some cases, Installscript and avoid InstallScriptMSI.

Now I have to add a dialog in to one for someone. I created a custom dialog (Installscript), its working great when they first run the installer. The problem is I need to show the same dialog on Upgrades.

When I run an upgrade in an InstallScript MSI, you get a message asking you if you want to upgrade and then a dialog entitled "Resuming the InstallShield Wizard", which is like a welcome screen only for upgrades in InstallScript MSI. I need to put my new dialog right after that one and the back button needs to go back to that.

The problem is I can't find where that dialog comes from; it’s not in the script, even using the debugger.

So the question is, how can I insert a dialog in to the upgrade sequence for an installscript MSI so it goes back to this “Resuming the InstallShield Wizard"?
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Level 7

This should help...

function OnBegin()
MessageBox("In OnBegin", 0);
// Be sure to have the condition for 'MAINTENANCE' so that the dialog is not displayed during first install
//Show your dialog here.
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Level 6

The code you gave me will show my dialog before the Resuming the InstallShield Wizard. I don't think this is going to work.
I need my dialog to show up after that and have the back button go back to that dialog. Showing that "Resuming the InstallShield Wizard" after my dialog doesn't really make sense and then you could never go back.

Alternatively we could get rid of the "Resuming the InstallShield Wizard" and replace it with a welcome screen or something.
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Flexera Alumni

It's been a while, but maybe try the OnResumeUIBefore event handler?
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Level 6

I have never known Robert to be wrong. I tried this and naturally it works perfectly.
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