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Incomplete Install

I have created an install using InstallShield 2010. I use the graphical interface to build the install. I do not do any scripting.

Out of hundreds of successful installs for my application I have had 4 times when the install proceeds as normal for the user, but fails to install several components - without warning.

Some examples of what the install doesn’t do is:
- File folder for the main executable is created but the “.exe” file is not there.
- The application is not entered into “All Programs” of the Start menu.
- The desktop shortcut is not there.

When going to “Add or Remove Programs” in the Control Panel, the application shows up as being installed. The application can be uninstalled.

As mentioned above, this is a very intermittent problem.

Has anybody had this happen to them?
What would be a suggest steps for debugging the problem?
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If its a Basic MSI, there is nothing better than the log file generated during install. You have to enable logging in the machine if its not already enabled.
Learn to live with the logs.

If its an Installscript project, write your own log. Find where the install fails etc...
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Level 2

Thanks. I'll give that a shot.
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