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In a Basic MSI Project, how to control the behavior when uninstall with control panel

I am working on a Basic MSI Project, and when uninstall my program, I want to do some operations (e.g. delete a specific folder).
This issue is easy for uninstalling with installation package: Function -> Custom Action -> Dialog Event. But I do not know how to do it when uninstall with control panel.

One of the information I found is edit OnMoveData function. But that information is for InstallScript Project. In a Basic MSI Project, there is no pre-defined content in OnMoveData function. And I could not copy the content of InstallScript Project to Basic MSI Project, because their working procedures are different.

By the way, I am working with InstallShield 11.5 Premier Edition. But I think that will not be an issue. And the InstallShield 11.5 forum is a little quiet...
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Create a custom action to do the job for you. Use the custom action after install validate with condition REMOVE="ALL"

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Thank you for your reply. But unfortunately, it did not work.

After defining the custom action, on its "Common" tab, there are 5 options about sequence and the corresponding conditions: Install UI Sequence, Install Exec Sequence, Advertise Exec Sequence, Admin UI Sequence, and Admin Exec Sequence.
I tried to set "After InstallValidate" and "REMOVE = "ALL"" in "Install Exec Sequence" or "Admin Exec Sequence", and leave the other 4 options as "" each time.
The results are same, the custom action was not performed when uninstalled with Control Panel, but be performed when uninstalled with installation package.

Actually, I am always confused about affect control panel uninstall behavior according to InstallShield. Control panel uninstall can run without installation package, right? Then did we write the customized operations into registry or other places?
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