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Level 2

IVsQueryEditQuerySave2::QueryEditFiles() is not called

While editing any file, IVsQueryEditQuerySave2::QueryEditFiles() should be called so that source control plugins can make the necessary arrangements (like checkout the file).

But it seems that this API is not getting called even if user tries to edit the .isl file or .csproj file.

This causes all the source control operation to fail and hence any user who is using Installshield in VS2012/VS2013 is not able to manage his code in source control repository.

Could you please confirm if its a bug and something which can be fixed?

Thanks and Regards,
Ganesh Agrawal
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Level 17

Would it be possible for you to provide detailed scenarios in question where IVsQueryEditQuerySave2::QueryEditFiles() should be getting called? InstallShield calls the API in various cases, but we might be missing something. A detailed reproduction steps would be helpful for us to confirm the issue.

Thank you.
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