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Level 9

ISWiRelease Object

we are building all setups using automation interface and PowerShell.
Is there now in IS2015 any possibility to get name and location of created release log file?
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Level 17

InstallShield outputs the path and name of the build log file to the build status window as below:

Log file has been created: C:\InstallShield 2015 Projects\My Project Name-1\Product Configuration 1\Release 1\LogFiles\6-16-2015 11-05-28 AM.txt

So you may want to try checking for a status message that begins with "Log file has been created:" in order to get the location and name of the log file. Please see the Using Build Status Events help topic on how to get the build status messages in your automation script.

Hope that helps.
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Level 9

It is too complicate and not secure enough.
I have already in beta phase for IS2013 suggested to put a log name property in iswirelease object.
Please do it.
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