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ISSQLFilteredList and ISSQLServerList does not detect SQL Server 2008 instances


I used a basic msi project. In my dialog I have a combobox that uses ISSQLFilteredList custom action to display instances of SQLServer and I also have SQLBrowse that uses ISSQLServerList to display all SQL Servers on the netwok. The problem is I don't see SQL SERVER 2008 instances. I see SQL Server 2005.
It evens put sometimes in my combobox a number 1 or sometimes a value like #TEMP0004 ( I don't know where that comes from).

Anybody know if it is an issue?
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Level 17

Can you try to change InstallShield use the Microsoft SQL Server Native Client ODBC driver by following the steps below, and see if the problem is solved?

  • Go to the ISSQLDBMetaData table in the Direct Editor.
  • Find the "MSSQLServer" row.
  • Change the AdoDriverName column from "sqlolddb" to "sqlncli".
  • Change the DsnODBCName column from "{SQL Server}" to "{SQL Native Client}"
  • Rebuild your setup.

    Note that the SQL Native Client ODBC driver needs to be present on the machine that your setup is running.
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