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ISEXP : warning : -6245: One or more of the project's components contain .NET propert


I get this error during project buildup ("ISEXP : warning : -6245: One or more of the project's components contain .NET properties that require the .NET Framework. It is recommended that the release include the .NET Framework"). But I am not sure which file requires a ,NET framework and what version. How can I determine which file needs a .NET framework and know the version? Thank you.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

If you right click (for example) your C# project name within Visual Studio and goto to "Properties" you should be able to determine which version of .NET your application is targeting.

What version of the .NET Framework is included in what version of the OS?

If you are using 3rd party files (.dll's .ocx's etc..) then using the application "dependency walker" would be the best route to determine what version of .NET that they require.
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