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ISDEV : error -6258: An error occurred extracting digital signature information from file

Dear Community,

we have a sporadic problem regarding InstallShield 2021 and the signing of the executubales in our azure pipeline.

We are building our application in the cloud and use InstallShield 2021 SAB R2 in a docker container to create the setups for the application.

We geht the following error message int the log:


Started signing certificate.msi ...
ISDEV : error -6259: Internal build error
Started signing NAMEOFMSI.msi ...
ISDEV : error -6258: An error occurred extracting digital signature information from file "PATHTOMSI.msi". Make sure the digital signature information provided in the IDE is correct.
ISDEV : error -6003: An error occurred streaming 'PATHTOISC.isc' into setup.exe


We dont have any clue how to get to the bottom of this problem.

Did anyone experience a similar issue?

Thanks in advance.

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @HReuter,

Since the issue is not happening always, i suggest to check the machines update and if any windows update are pending to install or check  for latest update install the update and then try building the project and verify,

You can also try the KB suggestions,

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We are spinning up a virtual machine for earch run and inside of that VM we spin up a docker container. Before we use the signing via InstallShield we sign our libariries via SignTool that provides the root certificates in our certmgr before the InstallShield setup is run. We can try to create a new image (base of the VM) and see if the problem still occurs.

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The point with the certificate chain is also not valid, because we put the certificate into the setup. Look at the attachment. 

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