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ISDEV : error 132 : Internal error in file C:\CodeBases\isdev\Src\BackEnd\Build\MediaBuild\

We are looking for a help on the issues we are facing with InstallShield standalone 2015 for all the installshield projects. Issue1: When our installshield ism project gets build using Iscmd.exe, during that process we are getting the below error: ISDEV : error 132: Internal error in file C:\CodeBases\isdev\Src\BackEnd\Build\MediaBuild\DataTargetFile.cpp, line: 86 "Cannot create a file when that file already exists." This issue we are facing from last 8 days, and we did not get workaround or solution. On our machine we did not find the file or path “C:\CodeBases\isdev\Src\BackEnd\Build\MediaBuild\DataTargetFile.cpp”. Issue2: This gets failed without giving any error code or message at various steps (sometimes data1.hdr or or, below is snapshot of one of the failure: We are looking for some solution here, as this is occurring on multiple machines, even on the fresh (formatted) machine too. Quick reply will be highly appreciated.
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

This error occurs while moving temporary files generated from the build to respective files (data1.hdr, data1.hdr and data*.cab files etc) in the DISK1 folder. Original file present in the Disk1 folder gets deleted first and then temporary file renamed to original file. Looks like deleting a file on your machine is failing for some reason, hence movefile is throwing exception as file already exists in Disk1 folder.

Please check below:

  1. Make sure to run standalone build as administrator and that the current user has write access to the path (network location etc).
  2. Check if any other application like antivirus accessing\blocking these files.
  3. Do you see this issue if you create new project?
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Flexera Alumni

Hi @azad_alamkhan ,

The file which you refer here "C:\CodeBases\isdev\Src\BackEnd\Build\MediaBuild\DataTargetFile.cpp" is from InstallShield's code base.You need not worry about that,it is just library that prints the specific error adds source file path as well.

Possible cause could be access granted for the machine user as @Varaprasad  mentioned




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