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ISCMDBLD - How to set the Scan At Build property?

When using the IDE you can set the Scan At Build property from the Tools -> Options menu but how do you do that when you are building with the Standalone Build? Is that possible?
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Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

Hi @RWatson ,

There is no way to set "Scan At Build" from command line as "Tools > Options > .NET > Scan At Build" is a global IDE setting and this configuration is not present in Standalone Build.

Also in case of other edition(IDE based) making any change will affect any new components that you create from then onward (ORGANIZATION > Components > Component > [YOUR-COMPONENT] > .NET Settings > .NET Scan at Build).

It is possible to set the same in your project using IDE. You can to set "NET Scan at Build" under "ORGANIZATION > Components > Component > [YOUR-COMPONENT] > .NET Settings > .NET Scan at Build = Dependencies and Properties" ("Dependencies and Properties" is the default settings).


You can also set ".NET Scan at Build" for your project using Automation Interface ("DotNetScanAtBuild=ednbNone | ednbProps | ednbDepAndProps"), please refer :|StartTopic=helplibrary%2FIHelpAutomation.htm


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