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IS Suite is stuck on splash screen while executing Launch Conditions


Using InstallShield 2020 R3 Premier edition, build machines using SAB 2020.R3

I am using a standard .ico 256 x 256 with 32 bit depth.

I am using a launch condition that checks for the version of one of our products:

Exit Message "blah blah"

1. property comparison "OPINSTALLED, string, not equal to 1"

2. property comparison "ISInstallMode, string Equal to 0"

the property comparison of OPINSTALLED is an event in the  OnBegin section (1st one) it is a condition that sets OPINSTALLED to a value of 1 and is not formatted.

the condition is:

MSI Upgrade with the Upgrade Code of our product, a minimum version i.e. 5.8.1004.15 and include minimum version is set to Yes.

what happens is:

Splash screen comes up but the progress for loading either doesn't happen or sticks about half way, the log file:
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Engine: property 'ISRealScaleFactor' value now '100'
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Engine: property 'ISBestScaleFactor' value now '100'
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: UI DLL: Resource 'ProductIcon-myicon.ico' -> 'C:\Users\localadmin\AppData\Local\Temp\<A GUID>\ProductIcon-myicon.ico'
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: UI DLL: Resource 'ABLogoSmall.png' -> 'C:\Users\localadmin\AppData\Local\Temp\<A GUID>\ABLogoSmall.png'
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Skipping event 'OPINSTALLED' since condition is false
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Skipping event 'DetectOPServerFeature' since condition is false
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Skipping event 'SetRESTARTOP' since condition is false
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Engine: no update XML URL specified
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Engine: not rebooted or maintenance, checking for suite update (update: '', updated from: '')
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Engine: initialization complete
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: Evaluating abort conditions
4-27-2021[04:00:34 PM]: UI DLL: Display Error: The following items are required to launch this setup:
You need to Install a compatible version of OP before proceeding with the this product install. Please refer to installation guide.

Has anyone ran into any Launch Conditions issues with InstallShield 2020 R2 or InstallShield 2020 R3

it is a little weird because it is hit or miss, I can get my launch condition dialog and then exit the install, run it again and the splash screen is stuck and no dialog. Reboot run again all good, get the splash screen then launch condition dialog.

Run it again and it halts again in the Splash screen...



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I am having the same problem.

I was testing a new abort condition and discovered that the installer hangs after having evaluated the conditions without showing a dialog with the appropriate message.

  • I created a new InstallSuite project and added a small MSI package for testing. 
  • I created a new Exit Condition (any message works)
    • Condition: All, Property Comparison, PROPERTYNAME, string, equal, compare to:[~]

This should always result in a condition that causes the setup to abort and display a message to the end user.

When I test this install, it seems to work in my development environment.  However, when I copy it to a test virtual machine, the message box will not show up and the setup is hung. I have to use Task Manager to exit the setup.

When I enable logging, I can see that the setup has evaluated the condition because my message is displayed in the log file. However, it is not displayed to the end-user. 



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