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Flexera beginner

IS Suite build error

I have an Installshield Suite project with one installshield project package added, "a". When I try to build I get the following error.

The target file '-.msi' that was selected for an operation’s Target setting in the Packages view for package 'a' was not found in the project.

I'm not sure why it's looking for an .msi. The IS project "a", when built on its own (outside of the suite project I have) just builds a single setup.exe file not a .msi file. Any help on how to resolve the error? I also am wondering with the suite project can I still get a single Setup.exe file?
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Re: IS Suite build error

It looks like adding a project file assumes a MSI output from the project file. Look under the 'Install' properties. It only gives options for MSI.

Does your package need to compile as a EXE? I assume that you have a setup.exe for the msi install in order to install prerequisites. In this case you will want to move those prerequisites to the suite package and install them at this level and then just compile the msi package.
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