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IS 2013 ~ VS 2010 ~ IS Forcing "Save As" prompt for .ism file when debugging any proj

Our InstallShield project is part of a much larger Visual Studio 2010 solution with many other projects in it. When we want to debug an application within the solution, we always gets prompted with a "Save As" dialog for the InstallShield project's .ism file. Why does this happen? The whole solution is under source control using SourceSafe. The InstallShield project is not even set to Build as part of the solution. But, if the InstallShield project's .ism file is ReadOnly on the machine, it always prompts us with the Save As dialog.

This is becoming a major issue for us.

We click Debug for any other project in the solution and get this every time...
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I am having similar issue .

i get the "save as" dialog even before starting the project.
did you find any solution to this ?
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