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I created installer always ask install .Net framwork 1.0 and it fails when installing this.


I created a c# .Net wizard installer using InstallShield 2019 Express. And I got always following error when i try to install my created application.

I'm trying to build an install for a WPF Desktop Application (x64 bit only). Since it is a WPF application it, of course, requires .NET

Every install I try to build when tested on various machines all running windows 10 64 bit fails with the error

"1603: Error installing Microsoft(R).NET Framework".

Any help would be appreciated.

I attached log file

Anyone know why this happened like this?

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Flexera Alumni

Hi @riyasp ,


In the previous history about this error,i had seen 1603 error gets resolved with:



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Hi Jenifer,

I have the same issue here.

My installer didn't have any prerequisite, but when I run the setup.exe, it install .net framework 1.0 SP3.

I tried to force a prerequisite to .net 4.5, but no luck. .net 1.0 is not event listed in the prerequisite list...


I don't care that it fail to install, I don't want to install it at all.

Where should I look for removing this prerequisite ?

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Did you ever find a resolution to this ?

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I removed all dll analysis, and run the installer without checking any prerequisite.

I also add some issues on some windows 10 installation from a master with .net 4.8 installed, but not detected by installshield, this trick also solved the issue. As win10 became globally installed and win7 quite uncommon for my use case, our hotline can manage the small amount of cases.

You can manually make the prerequisite detection by a script, if you need it.

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