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How to use InstallShield to analyse a .msi created with VisualStudio


I have an installer (.msi) created with VisulStudio, now we want to re-do the installer with InstallShield (2009). I can install the existing .msi and get verbose log file.

I have the following questions:
0) Is it possible to open the existing installer in design mode with InstallShield (I could open it in Direct Edit mode)? In other words, how can I use InstallShield to get as much information as I can from the installer (.msi)?
1) How can I get ALL the files the installer installs to the target system (including any systems files and merge modules)?
2) How can I get files that are registered during the install?
3) I tried to get the same set of files and created an installer with IS2009, but after install, the apps seem to miss some dependencies (got run time errors). How can I track to see what dependencies I need to include in InstallShield installer?
4) Can I get all files that are registered (including self registered) during installation from the log file? How (I mean what key words or pattern should I look for - the log file is huge)?

Any other tips I should know?

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Flexera Alumni

When using File > Open, there's an Open As type ("Project"? "Auto"?) that will convert an MSI file into an InstallShield project; no need to involve the MSI log file.
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