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How to use 4 digit product version ( Ex. )

Dear Team,
As of now we use 3 digits product version ( 3.00.073)
We would like to change to 4 digits ( Ex. product version .

Could you please suggest how can we implement this ?

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Level 13

On the 'Installation Information' tab
General Information
Product Version - set the desired value

From the InstallShield Help...
"Note that although you can include the fourth field (ddddd) when you specify your product’s version, the installation does not use this part of the product version to distinguish between different product versions."
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Level 3

When creating a new Basic MSI Project we set up version numbers as follow:, Ex. 2010.09.0001 but when we go to the Application Information and set the version number as above we get an error message:

Invalid version entered.
The version number must contain only number and must be in the format aaa.bbb.ccccc or aaa.bbb.ccccc.ddddd
The value of the ProductVersion property is the version of the product in string format. This property is REQUIRED.

The format of the string is as follows:
The first field is the major version and has a maximum value of 255. The second field is the minor version and has a maximum value of 255. The third field is called the build version or the update version and has a maximum value of 65,535.

In such cases you official version could be 2010.09.0001, but for Windows Installer you should set for example 210.09.0001 .So you can populate your program till 2055 🙂
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