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How to transfer a license? No "Return" button.


I try to transfer an InstallShield 2019-Perpetual License to another developer on another machine. I understand, that i first have to return it, before it can be activated again.

For returning the license I followed the instructions within this link:

But I don't have a "Return"-Button like in the Screenshots of this link.  

Whart is the correct procedure for transferring a license?

Kind regards


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Re: How to transfer a license? No "Return" button.

Hi Helge, 

You can also return your InstallShield license from the command line, using the TSConfig command. You can find more information about the command and the parameters that it needs in the knowledge base article linked below. 

Deactivation of InstallShield:


For example in InstallShield 2019:
You would navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2019\System
Then run TSconfig /return
to return the license 

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