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Level 2

How to support multiline for the Title of page on Suite installer

Dear all,

I have a long text for the title of the a Wizard page, but I don't want to extend the page width, is there any way to make the title of the page to support multiline?

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Level 13

I don't think so. For other text messages you can do this:
  • Determine the String Identifier
  • Go to

    • User Interface
    • String Editor
    • Click on the desired string to select it
    • Click on the 'Edit Selected String' icon in the tool bar (typically 2nd icon from left)

  • Position cursor in 'value' area (center pane) at the location where you want a line break.
  • Press CTRL Enter
  • Click 'OK'

    But I don't think you can make the size of the title box larger to accommodate another line.
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    Level 2

    Thanks. I tried the method. No, it does not support multiline for the title.
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