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Level 3

How to support different Setup.exe outputs

I have an installshield .ism basic msi project (I use the Visual Studio addin) that outputs a setup.exe. I call what this installs "the IDE"

Note: the .ism project chains an .msi

I want to also create a setup.exe that installs what I will call "the runtime". This is the exact same software, but I do not want this install to create shortcuts, and I need it on successful install to remove some files and remove the start menu's installed by the chained .msi 

Is this something I can do within the same .ism? Or do I need to copy the .ism and maintain two projects?

Copying and pasting anything in a Visual Studio is never a simple task so if copy and paste is the way here - please let me know if there are any gotchas I have to worry about.

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Level 5

i think you can achieve it in single  basic MSI project.

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Level 3

Did you mean to say it's not possible? If it is possible, any guidance on how?

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