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How to setup Prerequisite of Net Framework 2.0 x64. in 10.5 install shield

I am new bie in this, we have requirement to provide the prerequisite of Net Framework 2.0. for both x86 and x64. i have created the installer with x86 and it is working very fine .. but i really dont have any idea why it is not working for x64 bit installer. Here is the scenario that i have followed to create prerequisite for both.

for x86:- - Copied the file "Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0.prq" to \SetupPrerequisites
- Place a copy of Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0, dotnetfx20.exe into \Redist\0409\i386

and forx64:-
Copied the file "Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0(x64).prq " to \SetupPrerequisites
Placed a copy of Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0 x64, NetFx64.exe into \SetupPrerequisites\Microsoft .net\2.0\x64

Do i need to place these files some where else.? or we need to add more. Actually whenever i am installing setup.exe it is promting me for installing Net framework x64 , but i am saying ok then it is installing and after some time it got failed, but strange thing is that the entry for Net framwork is getting reflacted in Add Remove programs.

Please help me in that

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i didnt get your question do you mean that it is not showing in the pre requisites or it is not working even after adding in redistrubutbles.
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