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How to set TARGETDIR to files in a specific Application Target Folder?

I have an InstallShield InstallScript project. Before installing the application I set the TARGET Dir and then  invoke the SdStartCopy dialog box to complete the installation. Example code:

TARGETDIR = tPath; // tPath was entered from the SdAskDestPath dialog box
nResult = SdStartCopy2(szTitle, szMsg); // Invoke installation.

This works great, but what if I only want to install one folder from my Application Target Folder. For example I have two subfolders "Apps_01" and "Apps_02". How can I restrict the installation to just installing from the "Apps_02" folder. See screen snapshot. 

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Make Apps_01 and Apps_02 as sub-feature and use FeatureSelectItem IS function to disable the feature.

Please find the below link




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