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Level 5

How to see contents of DOS box when using LaunchAppAndWait

I have a bunch of files that I manually register with the Global Assembly Cache, the problem is that if I do this 20 times in a row I see 20 cmd windows pop up and disappear, and while I am watching this I might briefly see one of them fail (I just happen to see FAIL in the cmd window before it goes away).

I know I could comment out one at a time, but I am never sure if I am seeing the error every time I run, since it goes by so fast. The visual clue is intermittent.

Is there any way to slow down, or log, the contents of a cmd window from a process that is launched with LaunchAppAndWait?

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Level 13

I prefer to check the errorlevel in the bat file and change the color to red and pause if there is an error. If you do use PAUSE in a bat file that is launched from an IS script just make sure that you do not use the LAAW_OPTION_HIDDEN option, because you will be hung blindly if it ever does PAUSE.
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