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How to return a node locked license for Installshield Professional 2014, if PC is not existing anymore

A collegue of mine forgot to press the Return License button before scrapping his old PC.

How to return his license, so that someone else can reuse it.

Product: Installshield Professional 2014


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@CarstenErdmann  :


You need to contact Flexera support, to return the license at the back end.

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How to do it? i cannot find any Flexera support information for Installshield on website.

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HI @iabakumov_bf

You can find the contact information for Technical support at the link below. 
You can also navigate there from "Get Support" > "Contact Information"

Technical support will help with activation issues even if you do not have a valid maintenance plan. 

I am only human; anything said is my view or from my own experience and not necessarily that of Flexera.
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thank you @banna_k and @Flex-Jeremy
I contacted support, they gave me instructions how to activate IS2014 on my new PC, so problem was quickly solved.