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How to remove folders on uninstall


In my Installation project i create custom folders in TempFolder.

I need to remove them during uninstall. How can i do?

I try to set custom action but i fail and now my program cannot uninstall anymore. I get this error:

Error 2721 : Custom action not found...

Then is there a way to force to uninstall the program currently install despite of this error?

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This is why I ALWAYS do my testing of installers on a VM for which I have a current checkpoint. It doesn't happen often, but in cases like this it is very simple to recover by turning the VM off and reverting to the checkpoint. You will also find this very useful to take a machine back to a known 'clean' state. In many cases that may even be faster than uninstalling everything, etc.

In the future you may want to use the InstallShield 'Direct Editor' under 'ADDITIONAL TOOLS' and add entry(s) to the 'RemoveFile' table instead of using a CA to remove files.

But now that you are in this mess...
Of course there always is a way.
However, I am hesitant to tell you about using regedit (hint) without further details.
Presumably the app did not get uninstalled and still appears in the 'Add/Remove Programs' list. Correct?
32 or 64 bit Installer?
Are there other CA's that make modifications to the system on uninstall?
If so, have they been executed yet? (Do they come before or after the offending CA?)
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I don't find the InstallShield 'Direct Editor'. Is it dut to my version 2015 Limited Edition?

For the uninstallation issue.

You suppose well and the program still appear in "Add/Remove program"

It's a 64 bit installer.

And this is the only CA i ttied to implement.

But for this uninstall problem may be i could ask to my support service to avoid big trouble
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You can easily recover by turning the VM off then reverting to the checkpoint.
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