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Level 2

How to re-download prerequisites


I'm new to Installshield and I'm taking over a project from another developer.

I have to update our current installer and when I run the build it is unable to find the prerequisites in the Installshield folder. In the redistributable screen .Net 4.0 says "Installed Locally", but the file has not been downloaded to my machine.

How can I force Installshield to re-download the prerequisites?

Thanks for the help!

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Level 6

Open the Prerequisite by a right-click on your .NET 4.0 in the Redistributables pane and select Edit Prerequisite.

Check the 'Path to Local File' in the 'File to Include' tab.

If there is something in that Path to Local File, delete it.

Un-check then re-check the box next to your .NET 4.0
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