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How to prevent restart dialog caused by MSI 1610 error

I have a setup created with InstallShield. During upgrade or uninstall, after Install validate process, I get a alert dialog box with the following message:

"The setup must update files or services that cannot be updated while the system is running. If you choose to continue, a reboot will be required to complete the setup".

I found the following in the MSI log file:

MSI (s) (4C:78) [18:17:52:182]: RESTART MANAGER: Detected that application with id 4, friendly name 'System', of type RmCritical and status 1 holds file[s] in use. MSI (s) (4C:78) [18:17:52:182]: RESTART MANAGER: Did detect that a critical application holds file[s] in use, so a reboot will be necessary. MSI (s) (4C:78) [18:17:52:182]: Note: 1: 1610

I want to understand why I get this message and how to avoid this.

( I already checked the following registry key and it had oldmsedge.exe, I don't think it is related to this issue)

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\FileRenameOperations

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