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How to prevent .Net installer class getting called during minor upgrade?

We are registering our windows services using the .Net installer class arguments in the component settings. We do not want the service to be registered during a minor upgrade. I tried setting the component condition to "NOT IS_MINOR_UPGRADE". Even then, the installer is trying to register the services with the .Net installer class arguments supplied and gives error message.

From the install log file, it says "Action 0:04:44: _B3B87854DA1D1A89D2DD93DB4ABEE65B.install. ".
Which custom action is getting called during this action? How can I prevent this from running during a minor upgrade?

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Level 4

I fixed this by editing the msi using "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1A\Bin\MsiDb.exe" to add "NOT IS_MINOR_UPGRADE" condition to the .Commit, .Install and .Rollback custom actions to prevent .net installer class getting called during minor upgrade.

This exe was called after building the msi in the build machine.
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