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How to pass command line parameter for prerequisite

Hi All

I have two Basic MSI projects (installerA and InstallerB) one of them (installerA) is set as prerequisite of second (installerB).

Now I need to run installerB using /qb - Basic UI with no modal dialog box displayed at the end of the installation.

My command line looks as following:

InstallerA.exe/s /V"/qb /l*v \"%SystemDrive%\Install.log\" ADDLOCAL=\"ALL\" INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\MyCompanyName\InstallerB\" IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER=\"(local)\"

This runs fine but if installerA hasn't been installed it invokes installerA with Full UI and waits for user interaction.

I found that you can set command line for the prerequisite application. Since you can set public properties for Basic MSI from cmd line (as shown above) I was wondering if I can set that command line property.

My question is how can I set that prerequisite command line from cmd line, similar to what is shown above for IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER property.
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Re: How to pass command line parameter for prerequisite

How can I do something like this:

And then run InstallerB like this:
setup.exe/s /V"/qb /l*v \"%SystemDrive%\DEFInstall.log\" ADDLOCAL=\"ALL\" INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\MyCompanyName\DEF\" PREREQCMDLINE=\"/s /V /qb /l*v \"%SystemDrive%\ABCInstall.log\" ADDLOCAL=\"ALL\" INSTALLDIR=\"C:\Program Files\MyCompanyName\ABC\"\"

Right now I am getting this error:

As you can see I created public property and I would like to set it's value from cmd.exe and pass it to prerequisite.
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