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How to install multiple-products

I have two seperate builds I need to install from a CD. The optimum solution would be to have a startup menu with a button for Product A install and a button for Product B install. I think Demoshield (which has been discontinued) used to do this. How can I create an installation CD with two products?
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Much depends on the user experience you desire for the consumer.

For me I would create a pure InstallScript installation that uses LaunchAppAndWait to install the two different packages. You can provide a single user experience this way, collect any necessary information and pass the information in on the command line when you launch the two different setups.

The question that remains is how do you want to handle uninstall of the applications. Should these appear as a single uninstall in Add/Remove Programs? Is it ok if each app you install has its own footprint in Add/Remove Programs? The answers to these questions complicates the development of the two software packages as you need to mask the uninstall process and handle maintenance by code in the InstallScript setup. Needless to say this can become quite complicated.
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