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How to install files after a merge module...

I'm trying to install some files in the prompting folder of the Crystal Reports product after the Crystal Merge module gets installed but they seem to be getting overridden with the merge module files. How do I do this in InstallShield 2012 Spring using a Setup.exe? It's also an Upgrade project.
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Even i am facing this kind of an issue in Installshield 2014, Can someone please provide me some solution to this problem.


I have a merge module with some XML files which will be installed under C:\Program files(x86)\CompanyName , but from the installer also we are installing the same xml file in the same location. In this scenario XML file in the merge module is overwritting the file which is coming from the installer. In this scenario, even though the file have same name the contents are different. So i want to install merge module files first and then the installer. Is there a way to install merge modules files first ?
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Merge modules don't have their own install sequence, they are merged in to the main installer at build time and files from the merge module are deployed at the same time as files from the main installer and other merge modules, based on their sequence value in the File table. The obvious solution is just don't install the same file names to the same location. Pick the one you want and remove the other or add conditions to their components if you want to sometimes deploy one and sometimes the other.

If you you are set on deploying the unwanted one and having the wanted one install 2nd and overwrite the unwanted one, you need to find the files in the File table of the one you want to deploy 2nd, and set the "Sequence" value for those files to be higher than the ones you want to go first. I am guessing this doesn't work with dynamic file linking though.
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