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How to include a command line parameter when making a setup.exe with Installshield?

I'm building an installscript MSI project with InstallShield 2014 professional. I'm trying to create a log file of the installation. I've set the "Create MSI Logs" property to voicewarmup, and a log file is created in a random location in %temp%. What I need though is to create the log file with a specific name in a specific location. With a basic MSI project you could just specify a location and prompt the user at the end of an installation to chose to view it. I don't have the same option with the installscript msi project. I did manage to copy the log file to a specific location+name when running the setup.exe file via cmd: setup.exe /verbose "filelocation\logname.log". Is there a way to have installshiled build the setup.exe file with the commandline parameters "built in"? when I try to add the command to "MSI command-line arguments" in the "release" tab, it sends the command only when the .exe runs the .msi, and then I get an error saying the command is invalid.

Also if there's a way to create a log file for the user to pick after installation is complete (like in the basic MSI project) - I'd love to hear.

Help appreciated, best regards,
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Technical Writer
Technical Writer

The Setup.exe tab of the Release allows you to specify a command line for the EXE to pass to the MSI:
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