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Level 3

How to get the user input for a connection string

I'm building an installer using InstallShield Professional edition. In my XML File Changes View, I already added the file, and the node to receive the value from the user:

But I don't know how to get the value itself from the user. I checked the help article, but it says:
The following procedure demonstrates how to use the name of the SQL Server that an end user selects in the SQL Login dialog as the content for one of the elements in your XML file.

However, I don't have any SQL Login dialog from the list of available dialogs:
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Level 9

It's sort of funny how this one works, but as soon as you add a New SQL Connection to your project then the SQLLogin dialog will appear and be available for use.

Go to SQL Scripts and right click on SQL Scripts and choose New SQL Connection and go from there.

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Level 3

Thanks, Chad! I agree with you, that it works in a... "funny" way. Should be more intuitive, or better explained in the F1 Help.
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