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How to get silent install command line parameters in InstallShield setup script

My installer is of InstallScript project. In setup script, I need to get the full command line by which my installer is invoked in silent mode, e.g. I run following command:

myinstaller.exe /s /f1c:\myiss.iss

How can I get the full command line "myinstaller.exe /s /f1c:\myiss.iss" in the setup script? I found following in the document: CMDLINE stores only user-defined command-line arguments. InstallShield command-line arguments (predefined arguments) are not copied to CMDLINE.

Searched, but didn't find any other topics similar to mine. Hope I can get answers here. Thank you!

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi Kay,

Thank you for contacting Revenera Support.

InstallShield 2018 has reached its end-of-life and I'm sorry, there is no support available for this product, except installation and activation of InstallShield.

For more information on EOL, refer following article:

We recommend you try our latest version of InstallShield, which is version 2022 and check if it meets your requirement. You can download our trial software from below link:

Revenera Support.

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