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How to get XML response for offline activation


I tried online activation with key, but it failed, now only the offline activation window is popping up. How can I get the XML response for the Offline activation
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Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


To activate InstallShield limited edition through email:
1. Attempt to activate InstallShield through the Internet. If it cannot be completed, the activation
wizard displays a message explaining why it could not occur.

2. Click the Proceed with offline activation button. The Offline Activation dialog opens. The
Request text box contains your request text. The request text starts with ends with .

3. Perform one of the following steps:

• To copy the request text to the clipboard, click the Copy button. Note that all of the text in the
Request text box must be selected when you do this. The activation wizard copies the request
text to your clipboard, enabling you to paste it into another application, such as Notepad. Send
the request text to the email address that is provided in the activation wizard.
• To save the request text to a text file that you can email from a different machine, click the Save
button. The wizard lets you save the text as a .request file. Send the .request file to the email
address that is displayed in the activation wizard.
• To print the request text, click the Print button. The wizard uses your machine’s default text
editor to print the request text to your machine’s default printer. Send the request text to the
email address that is provided in the activation wizard.
• To email the request text to an email address that processes the request automatically, click the
E-mail button from the machine that is running the activation wizard. The wizard opens a new
email message in your default email client. The body of the message contains the request text
that the activation system needs. The To field has the email address where you should send the
message. Send the message

When you send the email message, the activation system will email to you a message with the
response text automatically.

Note that the email address that is used to process the requests automatically does not handle other

4. When you receive the response email message and you are ready to complete the activation process, launch InstallShield to open the activation wizard.

5. Proceed to the Offline Activation dialog, which has a Response text box.

6. Copy the response text that is in the response email message to your clipboard. The response text
starts with . In the wizard, click the Paste button.

Note: As an alternative for step 6, you can copy the response text and paste it into a text file. Change the name of the text file to License.response. In the Offline Activation dialog, click the Load button, and then select the License.response file.

7. Click the Activate button.

The activation wizard activates InstallShield.

Tip: The aforementioned procedure is also used to perform an offline return of a license.

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Thanks a lot Chitranjeevi
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