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How to get Command line parameters passed in MSI Installer

From a command line, my installer is run as setup.exe /v"ValueSet=12". The installer does what it wants, but I am not able to do anything special based on the value passed. I do know how to get the command line parameters passed. Is there a command that I could use in the Basic MSI scripting to retrieve the parameters?

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It is not completely clear to me what you want to do. As I understand it, you give some properties through the command line and wonder if they are evaluated or not, is this right?
If this is the problem you can write a verbose MSI Log file and look in this, if your properties are set correctly.
Use a commandline like:
Setup.exe /v"/L*v c:\test.log "MYPROPERTY1=value1"
You will write a MSI-logfile to c:\test.log

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