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How to find the selected radio button in a radio button group ?

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I have an InstallShield dialog box with a Radio Button Group. The radio button group contains three radio buttons in it. So how can I find the radio button which was selected when the next button on the dialog box is pressed? Please help, as I am stuck?


More info:

My radio button group is named "RadioButtonGroup1", and has a control identifier of 888.

The control ids for each radio button are 0, 1326, and 1327 respectively. Also I noticed that in the designer there is a drop down which identifies each radio button as "NewProperty61","NewProperty62", and "NewProperty63",


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Hi @ralphster ,

You have to define a property for your radio button group, and then you can set the value for each radio button that has a value field.  Then this property value can be checked in the Next button

For more information, you can refer InstallShield License agreement dialog which include a radio button group and two radio button. Go through the properties of each radio button and the radio button group.  


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Hi Banna, in the designer I can see where one can give the radio button group a name or control identifier, but nothing is mentioned about the "Property" you mentioned?

You know, I am using InstallShield Script, and need to retrieve the selected radio button using InstallShield script. Do you know of any sample InstallShield script I can refer to that? 

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Thank you so much.

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