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How to disable next button until feature selection?


Does anyone know how to disable NEXT button until user select at least one feature in the list? Also, if user select COMPLETE installation, how to programatically select all features?



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Hi @levAnni ,


Few options to help out disable "Install" button on feature selection.Hope you are asking about Suite-install features dialog.If not please correct me!!


You can try setting property like  these 

  • FEATURE[name].actionState
  • FEATURE[name].installState
  • FEATURE[name].displayName
  • FEATURE[name].description
  • FEATURE[name].cost

on item changed event.That you can compare on Install button's enabled property.

Similar discussion you can find here:

About second question:

" Also, if user select COMPLETE installation, how to programatically select all features?"

By default complete will install all the features thereby you need not to make them pro-grammatically install.


If this question is basic MSI based you can get more information from this article:




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In advance Ui suite, for example if you have 3 features - add the below condition in Next button or Install button.



Go to Wizard Interface->Installation Feature->Install->Enabled->Any->Property Comparison

Then under Name section add this condition :   FEATURE[your first feature name].actionState

Name - FEATURE[second feature name].actionState

Name - FEATURE[third feature name].actionState


Note: By default if you want to unselect all the features in Installation tree, in Organization -> Features

Select first feature and add condition as NONE.

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