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How to create a shortcuts folder?


My installation creates a shortcuts folder for the manuals, documents etc. for the application on the desktop. In the IS LE, I goto "Configure the Target System> Shortcuts/Folders" and create a folder called "Documents". Then I create a shortcut for every file in the "Documents" folder created under "Specify ApplicatioN Date >Files" section. Is it possible to create shortcuts for all the files in the Documents folder in one step by directing to folder to be shortcut instead of creating shortcuts one by one? Thank you.
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Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

There is not a direct way of doing this in InstallShield unfortunately,

If your scripting skills are pretty solid you should be able to create a vb script custom action that when launched will iterate through each file in your [INSTALLDIR]documents folder and creates a shortcut in your [DESKTOPFOLDER]documents folder.

You could also use a batch file and launch it via the exe custom action as well
(via launching command.exe and passing the path and file name of the .bat file that will perform the action)

But be aware that since these shortcuts are not being created by InstallShield and Windows Installer is not aware of them, you will want to make sure these newly created shortcuts get removed during uninstall of your application.

****Another option would be to create a shortcut to the folder that contains your document files.****

If you create a "shortcut to a preexisting file" and then drill down to your document folder (leave the "File Name" field blank) and click OK this will create a shortcut to the folder itself, this may also work for you.
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