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Level 2

How to create a restricting slient Installer?


I want to know if there is an option in Install shield that restricts the user to only install the .msi through the Installation wizard and not by using the command line functionality to extract files; for example (msiexec /a "C:\MSI Files\My Installer.msi" TARGETDIR=D:\InstallerTest /qb!).

Or if there is a way to force user to accept end-user license agreement (EULA) when doing silent Installation. The reason why I ask this is because we want the user to accept the terms and condition before they install or extract the files using the command line Install.

Any assistance with this regard will be helpful and greatly appreciated.
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Level 10

No, you can't have a silent installation that displays a dialog box--it's a contradiction of terms. Silent means no user interface displayed. Silent installations are often used to achieve unattended installations, where an administrator deploys an installation to one or more machines using a deployment tool of some sort. If dialog boxes popped up during them, such installations would hang (with no one there to accept the agreement and dismiss the dialog).
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